About me

My name is Romina Gentilini, I’m a radio and TV host, actress and passionate about nutrition, sickness prevention and living in harmony with nature, respecting this amazing planet that we live in.

Ever since I can remember, healthy eating and the value of taking care of our insides fascinated me, but the irony was that I had a toxic mind accompanied by an out of balance body. When I was 16 years old I started strict diets to lose weight, something that my job in TV demanded, because I had to maintain a standard of skinny.

A few years later I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and this unbalance generated not only fast fluctuations in my weight but also years of mental aggression. Negative thoughts were a constant, because I felt terribly insecure about how I looked and so I started to take diet pills and try every fad diet on the market. With the passing of time, irritable bowel syndrome, lactose intolerance and migraines were added to my list of illnesses.

I started reading a lot about nutrition, because instinctively I knew that the answer to everything was there, and even though I was dealing with depression and sometimes panic, I changed the way that I ate daily, I introduced whole foods and decreased processed ones, I ate organic meats and veggies, but still was feeling sick, my stress levels skyrocketed, new pains and aches appeared and in consequence I lived in a state of anxiety, but when I went to the doctor, everything was fine…I thought I was going crazy.

Last year, on an unexpected day, I had an encounter with God… a profound spiritual confrontation that changed my life. If I didn’t believe before that with one word in His name the sick would heal, body mind and spirit, after that moment there was no trace of doubt. From one day to the other I started seeing colors again, that happiness that I had lost in my teens came back, all depression went away and I started seeing my life, goals and even my body in a totally different way. I learned to respect myself and to treat me with kindness and love.

Now I eat not to fill voids, but to nourish my cells and supply my organs and tissues with energy and vitality, I have a vegetarian diet filled with raw juices, fruits and vegetables, I don’t count calories and exercise constantly, but doing what I want to when I want to, depending on what my body is craving that day. Little by little detaching myself from that paradigm that I imposed on myself for so long. I read and investigate constantly how can I continue to repair, prevent and energize to fulfill my potentials. I don’t set expectations on what I will be, what others think of me, what I should have or fulfill at a certain age or how I should look, actually, I forgave myself for all the harm that I did to me in the past. I live an imperfect life, with no pretentions; a vulnerable life, but genuine and tranquil. It was and still is a constant detoxification process from the inside out.

In this posts you will find what I like to do, my thoughts, reads and daily dreams. No pain defines me anymore (they went away), and my family is witness to this. I don’t feel alone anymore because God is with me in every step I take, and I don’t pop prescriptions or pills, because my pharmacy is nature.

This space is to help you take conscience that what you put in your body today, will have an impact in the future, and that is not worth stressing about things that society demands from you, life is only one and we need to enjoy every positive and magical thing about it. Obstacles are still going to be there, a lot of them placed by you, but in the end everything has a solution, we just need to see it from a larger perspective.

From today on I present myself to you with love, my name is Romina and this is my life.